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Snowmobiling Preparedness - How to prevent serious injury or death

Snowmobiling is an exhilarating activity. You sit down on a powerful machine, start it up with the quick turn of a key and in no time you are travelling through some beautiful winter areas. Some of you may have extensive experience others may be just starting out. Whether you are experienced or a novice in snowmobiling, there are a number of things you may not have considered to make your next trip a safe and pleasant one. There are some serious risks involved in this activity, and often an error in judgement or loss of attention could result in grave consequences.

In the next few paragraphs I will list some of the hazards, risks and areas of danger, and how to limit your chances of having a serious accident or injury.

Being Prepared:

- Be thoroughly experienced with the operation of your machine, ensure it has been maintained and is running properly.

- Dress appropriately for the weather and always wear an approved helmet.

- If you are a novice take your time as you gain experience operating your snowmobile. Take a course if available.

- If you are experienced be careful not to exceed your skills and abilities. Most machines will outperform the rider creating a greater risk of accidents.

-Travel Safe - Always pick your route or area, bring survival gear, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return, always plan for unforeseen circumstances.

- Travel with a buddy or group for safety.


- High speed travel is exhilarating and exciting, but going faster than you can stop or see obstacles in limited visibility will increase your chances of crashes.