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Check back often for up-coming books on: Advanced Professional Driving Skills, Memories of a soldier,  Marine Rescues. Everest - the trail to nowhere

When you see an ambulance speeding by, lights and sirens wailing, have you ever wondered what is happening inside? Have you ever wondered what challenges paramedics face daily? What type of calls they deal with? Well, now you will find out. Luciano Nisi has been a paramedic for over 15 years, working in both rural, and downtown, urban areas. He has seen it all, and now you will get a chance to experience it firsthand, as he takes you along with him.

Untold Stories of a Paramedic will take you right into the action of real calls. You will witness the heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping action of dealing with a stabbing, shooting, or overdose. He will also show you the humorous side to the job that offsets the grisly side. Luciano brings you with him in the Ambulance, as if you are right there, seeing, hearing and smelling everything unfold right before your eyes. You will experience it as he does, from the dialogue with his partner to his thoughts.

If you have ever wanted to know what is it really like to be a paramedic, this book will reveal it all.

Untold Stories of a Paramedic

New Release!

Available now, Order your copy today

Crossing the Line

"This book will provide you with the answers to most of your questions and concerns. I will dispel the myths and beliefs that you may have. I will clarify the rules and regulations regarding what ID you need, what you are permitted to buy Duty Free and what you are not. I will explain why on some trips you are sent in to pay duties and/or taxes and others you are not. Answers to questions such as: Are there really random exams? You will know what you should do from the moment you pull up to the booth until the time you are released."
My experience as a Border Officer will provide you with a one of a kind insight that you will not find anyplace else.

Trail Ready

So you think you are prepared for you next hike, but are you? Are you ready for unforeseen emergencies? What happens if you get disoriented? Get hurt? Did you tell someone where you are hiking? Do you know how to signal for help?
"Its late afternoon on a fall day, you are on a hiking trail you have done many times, you brought only a bottle of water. It has started to rain and the temperature has dropped. If you stop you begin to shiver. You are trying to get back to your vehicle, you are tired. Suddenly you take a mis-step and twist your ankle. You collapse to the ground in pain. You can't walk and you think you broke it. You are alone and you look at your cell phone, no signal. You realized in your rush to head out you didn't tell anyone where you were going hiking....Now what are you going to do?"
My ebook will tell you what to bring and why. Be prepared and know what to do in an unforseen emergency; be "Trail Ready"!
I have been hiking since the age of 14 and have over 20 years search and rescue experience in: land, air and marine. In addition I am a licensed paramedic and trauma first aid instructor...I will get you and sound.
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