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Hiking Tip#1 Mar 2014 - Relying on cell phones when hiking

Hiking Tip – Carrying a cell phone to get you out of trouble

You are ready to head out to new local trail, you have packed a small lunch, brought a bottle of water…and your trusty cell phone (because help is just a call away when you need it…right?). You follow the directions to the trailhead; you are heading out alone today because it is a short local hike. It’s mid-week so there are no other cars in the parking area. It is overcast on a spring day; the sun was peaking through the clouds this morning. Perfect day for a brisk hike to get the heart pounding you think. The trail route guide says the hike is 3hrs return. You are in great shape and think you can do it in 2- ½ hrs. You make it to the end of the trail and an amazing viewpoint. You stop for lunch and enjoy the view, the sun just peaking through. Just as you are finishing your lunch it starts to rain…dark clouds moved in and a light wind picks up. You feel a chill as you only brought the clothes on your back (Shorts, Running shoes, and an active-wear top and light shell) and the sweat from pushing it has made your clothes damp. You decide to head down; you look at the sky and notice that the rain has changed to wet snow.Great you think to yourself…snow! I was not prepared for this, so much for weather forecasts. You proceed down, rushing a bit now so you can get back to your vehicle. The trail is sheltered from the snow from the tree canopy but is getting very wet and slippery, your running shoes you wore are not giving you the grip a pair of hiking boots would have. Suddenly your foot slips and gets caught in between a stick and a rock on the trail. You hear a crack sound…and excruciating pain! It’s your ankle. You lay there a min as you think about what to do next. You sit up, reposition and look at your ankle; it looks broken, and is already beginning to swell. You remember you brought your cell phone, you pull it out and after it turns on, you look is disbelief…no cell coverage! You can’t believe it, this trail is near the city, and how can there be no cell signal? You told someone you were going for a short hike today but did not leave the details of the location or trail. You begin to shiver; the temperature is now 2 deg C according to your cell phone app. You know the warning signs of hypothermia; you are still over an hour hike to your vehicle if you could walk.

**The above scenario can happen, it’s a real possibility** if you do not hike prepared and plan ahead. My eBook “Trail Ready” will give you everything you need to know to deal with this situation, and make it out alive!

Go prepared on every hike and plan for the unexpected buy “Trail Ready – How to pack and prepare for hiking emergencies”

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