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Border Tip 2 for the month of Dec 2013

Buying Beer or Wine on trips less than 48 hours. - So you are only going down for the day, doing some shopping, fill up with gas and want to buy a bottle of wine or perhaps some beer. But you know you are not duty excempt, you don't want to get sent in to pay. So what do you do?

There are no alcohol exemtions for Beer, Wine or liqours for trips less than 48 hours However; as my ebook explains the officer at the booth has full descretion to send you in or not.

As a general rule of thumb you will not be sent in for bottles of wine $12 or less if you buy a single 750ml bottle. For beer 6-12 cans or bottles are normally ok also. Rememeber though it is always up to the officer at the booth to send you in or to let you go up the road. Always declare everythings, keep your receipts and keep the general rule of thumb in mind.

When it comes to hard liqours there is normally 0 tollerance for descretion, so any quantity of liqours you will be sent in to pay.

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